Convention 2005
This years convention will take place in Needham Market on Sunday 23rd October 2005. During the day the doors will be open to magicians only who will be able to browse the many dealer tables, and see the arranged lectures and close up sessions.

The evening show is open to the general public, and looking at the line up it promises to be even more sucessful than last years sell out show.

Registration Fee (Incl Evening Show)
Adult 20.00
Junior (under 16) 15.00
Additional Show Tickets
Adult 6.00
Junior (under 14) 4.00
Hot Lunches (with Sweet) 5.00
For more details, please contact the Registration Officer:-
Ally Riley, Tel: 01473 626333, email:
 The Day
Doors Open 9:45
Official Opening 10.00-10.15
Lecture: Scott Creasey 10.30-11.30 Escape the restraints of reality A brief overview of Scott Creasey Scott Creasey's website
Lecture: Jon Allen 12.00-1.00 The Director's Cut A brief overview fo Jon Allen Jon Allen's website
Lunch 1.00-2.15
Close up 2.15-3.15
Lecture: Scott Penrose 4.00-5.15 Making Your Magic Magical A brief overview of Scott Penrose Scott Penrose's website
Evening Show. 7:15
 The Close Up Session (14:15-15:15)
Scott Penrose A brief overview of Scott Penrose Scott Penrose's website
Jon Allen A brief overview fo Jon Allen Jon Allen's website
Scott Creasey A brief overview of Scott Creasey Scott Creasey's website
Robert Cope
 The Evening Show
Richard Whymark, Compere A Brief Overview of Richard Whymark Richard Whymark's Website
Matt Edwards A brief overview of Matt Edwards Matt Edward's Website
Scott Creasey A brief overview of Scott Creasey Scott Creasey's website
Karl Jeffery and Willie Mischief A brief overview of Karl Jeffery Karl jeffery's website
Scott Penrose A brief overview of Scott Penrose Scott Penrose's website
Jon Allen A brief overview fo Jon Allen Jon Allen's website
Michael Pearse A brief overview of Michael Pearse
Steve Kovarez A brief overview of Steve Kovarez Steve Kovarez' Website
 The Dealers
Aquarius The Aquarius Website
Alakazam The Alakazam Website
Myth and Magic
Studio 9 The Studio 9 Website
Bob's Puzzles
Scott Creasey's magic ranges from Mentalism, through to full scale escapolgy.

If the name sames familar it could well be because he is the man behind the BIP book, perhaps one of the modern classic tools of mentalism.

Scott is a young, versatile, and sophisticated Magician with a modern Professional approach to his art. Whilst working at high speed in cabaret, doves appear from thin air, as he performs magic with fire, and smoke, in a spectacular fashion.

He can perform large illusions which are rarely seen, other than in Las Vegas shows. Scott is a master of sleight of hand and performs incrediable close up magic right under your nose!

Scott was voted Young Magician of the Year, and was quickly promoted to a member of the Inner Magic Circle (with a Gold Star). He was also awarded British Magical Champion of General Magic. Plus, the coveted Ditta Challenge Shield at The International Brotherhood of Magicians convention. Prepare to be amazed. He has also been a consultant on many films

Jon Allen is one of the most exciting Close-Up magicians in England, and is respected around the world as a performer, lecturer and inventor of magic. In Auguse 2000 he became one of the youngest member's of the exclusive Inner Magic Circle. His consitency high level of skill earned him the award with gold star.

He is pushing back the boundries for performing magic with an unrivalled energy and style of presentation. His natural manner creates an instant rapport, allowing people to open up while generating an atmosphere of enjoyment and amazement.

Karl Jeffery has been entertaining professionally since 1997. He has a versatile background in show business. From entertaining crowds at road-shows all over East Anglia, to performing live on stage in theatres, & to hosting one of the most successful breakfast shows on local Radio.

The act is Starring the naughtiest puppet in the world, 'Willy Mischief'. Don't let his cute smile fool you. He's rude, outspoken & on the way to a juvenile detention centre! If he was your puppet you'd have dumped him at a motorway service station years ago. How he's stayed in the show for so long has probably got something to do with Blackmail. Don't ask, It's already costing us 60 a week for him NOT to tell!

In stark contrast, Bebe, Willy's gentle companion, is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but he is the friendliest, softest and most adorable Hippo you'll ever meet. Unfortunately he's easily led astray & through his own gullible innocence is equally troublesome. Bebe & Willy don't always get along, but they are united in one common goal, and the misery Karl experiences at the outbursts of these puppets will quickly become your joy.

Karl Jeffery & Willy Mischief is one of the funniest, exciting, & most memorable acts you'll ever see. Karl combines his talents as a gifted ventriloquist & entertainer to awesome effect. You'll be convinced the puppets are real. They'll shock you, entertain you, & leave you laughing long after the show is over!

Michael Pearse has one of the greatest Comedy Juggling acts you are ever like to see. Michael doesn't limit himself to juggling with balls and clubs. Oh no. Michael will juggle with almost anything at hand, and throughout the whole process you won't just be dazzled with his juggling skills you will also be trying to stop your sides from splitting due to his equally dazzling wit. to his wit

MattEdwards is a very experienced professional magician who is skilled in most genres of magic. Recently he won the Ipswich Magical Society "Hickson Cup" at the 2005 Stage Competition, the "2004, David and Doreen Chidren's Entertainer of the Year Cup" and the 2004 Magini Shield (Close Up Competition).

He spent of the last 4 years working as a Magician/illusionist in Spain. However, since he's been back he has finished several much acclaimed shows at the Magic Cavern Club in London. These included "Card Symphony" and "Card Idol"

Most recently he appeared on Channel Four's Magician Special "Faking It" programme.

International Illusionist Steve Kovarez is already causing quite a stir in the international entertainment market as one of the UK's foremost, fresh and different acts.

Steve Kovarez performs with a style of his own by blending the drama of theatre with the mystery of magic and dance within various themes.

Rob Cope is one of Ipswich Magical Societies up and coming stars. He hasn't been an entertainer for long, but when he performs you sure as heck now about it. He has a loud cheeky chappie style all of his own that make all of his performances, whether stage or close-up extremely entertaining and not to be missed.

I have no doubt that Rob Cope will soon be a big name in Magic.
Richard Whymark will be compering the Evening Show. Richard is one of East Anglia's funniest comedians who has performed his zany act at venues all over the U.K.

He is a skilled performer with visual, vocal and comedy impressions that are blended with his own stand-up style that has endeared him to all types of audience.

Add to this his comedy magic and you have a performer who can adapt his act to suit any occasion for any audience from family to adult.

Richard has worked various venues ranging from theatres, holiday parks, social clubs, cabaret clubs, restaurants and private functions.

2002 saw Richard appear on ITV's "Stand Up Britain", which featured some of the countries new comedy talent which he was voted one of the regional winners.

This year Richard featured in a programme for SKY TV. He has also appeared on BBC Radio and other local radio stations many times.

In 2002, 2003 and 2004 Richard was winner of the much acclaimed Ipswich Magical Society Vera Smith Cup.

Needham Market Community Centre, School Street, Needham Market, Suffolk.

(Free Parking in Community Centre Car Park)